Guitar Fundamentals Course

Learn the fundamentals of getting started with guitar. Our Guitar Fundamentals Course consists of 3 classes – 101,102, and 103.

Guitar Fundamentals 101 Class
Signup by Saturday, June 18th.

Our Guitar Fundamentals Course is available in person at our Colorado Springs shop with our Director of Music Instruction, Lukas Keil. The course will be available on-demand soon through our subscription service.

The first full course of 3 classes (101, 102, 103) runs from June to September, and 101 starts on Friday, June 17th for AGES 8-12 – and Saturday, June 18th for AGES 13+. Click here for Guitar Fundamental 101 Class details! 102 will be available July 23rd, and 103 will be available August 27th.

Each class consists of 4, 1-hour long group sessions which meet about once a week. Each session consists of multiple topics from open strings, chords, and scales, to strumming patterns, and song learning tips. Complete each class and advance to the next to master the fundamentals of playing guitar.

In addition to group sessions, participants will have access to our digital classroom. Our digital classroom provides the lesson plan, descriptions, photos, and videos for each session and is accessible for the duration of the class.

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Guitar Fundamentals Course

Guitar Fundamentals 101 Class

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