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To whom it may concern,

Hello, my name is Adam Oliver. I am the owner of 4d5w Inc., doing business as Macomb Square Music in Macomb, IL. We started doing business on April 1st, 2016 and we are in our fifth year of operation. Our original location was at 115 South Side Square. We relocated to a much larger facility at 122 North Side Square in September of 2019. We now offer expanded services, which include – lessons, video lessons, recording, photo / video studio and advanced repair services.

Since the end of March of 2020 foot traffic sales for our store fell off a cliff. For about 4-5 months we did at best about 15% of our monthly in store revenue, and not much better after that. We remained open every single week and day of business hours. We have reduced business hours, but have remained open. We do phone and text message requests and curbside carry out like everyone else. We also offer instruments, products and apparel from our website shipped directly to you.

I’m fortunate because my main business has basically always been remote. My business (4d5w Inc) has provided brand identity, design, internet application and e-commerce development since 2008. I’ve been an independent and remote worker for a really long time (1998). My clients don’t live next door, they are not in my community. I’ll be clear though, they are the ones that have kept me working and therefore helped keep this local store open. More on Adam another time.

In order to best address the challenges ahead and take advantage of many cool opportunities going on, I’ve had to make some decisions. I enjoy the hustle and challenges that come with growing businesses, so the decisions weren’t hard. We started working on something new in May of 2020 and the time has come to share what I think is good news.

I’ve started a new business entity called Square Music Company.
square music co h 01This new company allows me to take on co-owners and investors. It allows us to keep building a larger team working collaboratively and from multiple locations. It allows us to become more competitive and to expand our service offerings based on the following:

1. Showroom With Fulfillment
Brick and mortar store with a growing inventory of brands that we also dropship

We believe the future of a local brick and mortar storefront music store is tied to our ability to provide a hands-on experience with models from brands that we represent, test and promote as a TEAM digitally. Products are available from our main website – SquareMusic.Co -via free shipping and we now are able to provide many more brands, instruments and gear available at competitive prices. We can offer instrument brands and models now that we otherwise would not be able to provide to our community without the broader reach of e-commerce sales regionally and nationally. We need our communities to help support a company which also sells outside of our communities.

2. Remote Services
Lessons, Sessions, Tutorials, Reviews, Interviews and Repairs

We believe telecommunications is a big part of our near future. We believe that music lessons and also music therapy will be integral to our society. SquareMusic.Co is committed to providing the best instructors for all situations. In person lessons and sessions available based on your location. Video lessons and sessions available immediately with any instructor not based on location. We have a growing roster of subject matter experts who will be available for hire.

3. Lifestyle and Diversification
Introduce Lifestyle Products

While we have our own line of branded apparel shipped direct, we will be expanding into 2 lifestyle initiatives as quickly as we can gather inventory. Licensed music apparel and skateboards and skateboard gear. I’ve already committed to both and waiting on inventory to show up.

4. Brand Development
Build the Square Music Company Brand Regionally and Nationally

We support lifestyle marketing and the opportunities to support events and causes that we believe in. We believe that encourages people to engage with music and instruments and helps to support our communities.

What’s Next?
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We will be launching the first Square Music Company in Quincy, Illinois. My new investor and now co-owner – Pete Magliocco will be operating the FIRST Square Music Company at 725 Hampshire Street. We are planning a public opening in the middle of December. More on Pete another time.
square music co macomb h 01In January of 2021, I will be transferring the current Macomb Square Music business to the new Square Music Company and we will be officially changing the Macomb store name to Square Music Company and will have a grand re-opening sometime thereafter. We aren’t going anywhere. Still open and will continue to be open at 122 N. Side Square.

I do expect to open 1 other location in Chicago in the first quarter of 2021. Location near Loyola. More info to come on that.

SquareMusic.Co provides product brands and bundles along with familiar instrument brands for gear and accessories. Products from our website are shipped new and free direct to you. Our locations offer consistent services and products and keep regular hours to support our community. More on SquareMusic.Co another time.

Thank you for your time.
Adam Oliver
Founder – Square Music Company

EMAIL: info@SquareMusic.Co
WEBSITE: https://SquareMusic.Co

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