Square Music Company music stores provide products and services for music enthusiasts.

What kind of products? Our music stores offer Music Instruments and Gear, Professional Audio, Band Instrument Supply, and Music Lifestyle products.

What kind of music services? Square Music Company specializes in Board-Certified Music Therapy and Music Instruction. Our music instrument services primarily handle string instrument maintenance, setup, repair, and restoration.

Services Products

Did you know? The Music Instruments and Gear portion of our music stores focus on string instruments, and accessories. We offer items like Acoustic Guitars, Electric Guitars, Bass Guitars, and more. We also carry gear like Strings, Picks, Capos, Slides, and straps.

Did you know? The Music Lifestyle portion of our music stores includes a Skateboard Shop, and we host multiple skateboard competitions each year. You’ll find skateboard decks, trucks, wheels, stickers, t-shirts, helmets, and more.

Did you know? Square Music Company in Macomb includes a Record Shop with a large collection of used records, CD’s, DVD’s, and cassettes to browse through from all genres. We also have new records!

Did you know? The Professional Audio portion of our music stores focus on gear for Live, Rehearsal, and Studio experiences. We have Keyboards, Microphones, Recording Interfaces, Headphones, Speakers, Cables and more.

Square Music Company has 3 music store locations: Quincy, IL at 725 Hampshire Street AND 122 N Side Square conveniently located downtown in Macomb, IL. Our newest store is in Colorado Springs, CO at 2332 Vickers Drive.