Welcome to Square Music Company, our stores provide music therapy, music instruction, string instruments and gear along with music services and music lifestyle products including skateboards and record players.

Square Music Company services include music instruction, music therapy, string instrument setup, repair and restoration, and electronics repair.


We have 3 locations. Quincy, IL at 725 Hampshire Street AND 122 N Side Square conveniently located downtown on the historic courthouse square in Macomb, IL. Our newest store is in Colorado Springs, CO at 2332 Vickers Drive.

We have guitars, ukuleles, basses, violins, keyboards, strings, and all the gear and accessories.

Brands include Casio, Washburn, Hagstrom, Teton, Cort, Randall, Kustom, Eddie Finn and more.


We have Skateboard completes and decks, trucks, bearings, wheels, hats, shirts and stickers. We also have longboards and cruisers.

Brands include Baker, Element, Ghetto Child, Primitive, Powell Piralta, Toy Machine, Quest, DGK, Thrasher and more.