String Instrument Setup and Maintenance with Square Music Co.

Setup and maintenance is important for keeping your string instruments in good playing condition.

Square Music Company offers string instrument restring, setup, and maintenance for:
Guitar, Bass, Ukulele, Violin, Banjo, and more

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Please visit the shop and bring your gear. Be prepared to leave it at the store for estimates, re-string and setup. If you are shipping your gear then please package it accordingly.

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PLEASE NOTE: We are unable to service band instruments at this time.


String instrument restring and basic setup cost starts at $15 + cost of strings. String instrument setup involves time spent adjusting the action of the instrument. If basic attention is not enough, then an estimate will be provided before servicing.


Anything beyond basic service will require an evaluation and estimate before servicing.


Restring: This is a basic service that involves replacing the old strings with new ones.

Setup: A string instrument setup is a more comprehensive service that optimizes the way your instrument plays. It can include a restring, but also adjustments to the neck, bridge, and other parts of the instrument.

  • Adjusting the truss rod to fix neck bow (relief)
  • Setting the action (string height) for optimal playability
  • Intonation adjustment to ensure strings play in tune all the way up the neck
  • Cleaning and lubricating parts
  • Checking and tightening hardware

Do you need a full setup? If your guitar is relatively new and plays well in tune, you might only need a restring. However, if your strings are buzzing, the action is high, or the guitar neck feels off, a setup can make a big difference.