Music Therapy with Square Music Co

Achieve healthcare and educational goals for you or your loved ones with Music Therapy.

Square Music Company provides board certified Music Therapy services to:
Promote Wellness, Manage Stress, Alleviate Pain, Express Feelings, Enhance Memory, Improve Communication, Promote Physical Rehabilitation, and more

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Sessions for individuals are available in person based on location. Online is available to all.

The American Music Therapy Association defines Music Therapy as the clinical and evidence-based use of music interventions to accomplish individualized goals within a therapeutic relationship by a credentialed professional who has completed an approved music therapy program.


  • Openness is key: Be open to trying new things and exploring different musical experiences during sessions. The therapist will tailor the activities to your goals and comfort level.
  • Communicate your needs: Let your therapist know what you hope to achieve through music therapy. This will help them create the most effective sessions for you.
  • Focus on the experience: Don’t worry about being musical or having any prior experience. Music therapy is about the emotional and physical responses evoked by music, not about performance.
  • Practice at home: If your therapist suggests activities you can do at home, try to incorporate them into your routine. This can help you sustain the benefits of music therapy.


• Fees are payable when booking sessions and groups. Session and group fees are non-refundable. Please review our cancellation policy below.

• Music Therapy Contract needs to be completed and signed by client or guardian at first session or group.

Download Contract

• In the event that our music therapist is unable to attend a session or group the client will be notified and a makeup session or group will be provided.


Clients must notify us 24 hours prior to the session or group time. If 24 hours notice is given, then a courtesy makeup session or group will be scheduled when possible. It is the client’s responsibility to make sure they receive a makeup session or group.

If less than 24 hours notice is given then no makeup will be given.