Cordell Johnson – Location Manager / Music Instructor

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Cordell Johnson is a professional music instructor located in our Colorado Springs Square Music Co location. Cordell provides music instruction for guitar, piano, and ukulele.

As an instructor, Cordell Johnson brings many years of performance, songwriting, and teaching experience. Drawing from a combination of “boots on the ground” knowledge and formal training, Cordell is confident that he can help you jump start your own musical journey.

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More from Cordell…

Music has been a constant centerpiece of my life. My musical journey started around the age of seven when I discovered that I could play music by ear. I would spend hours listening to songs and coming up with instrumental renditions on guitar and piano.

When I turned 10, I started taking piano lessons. After a few years of lessons under my belt, I took up alto saxophone and eventually transferred to baritone saxophone. It was early highschool where I really started to combine my natural ear with the formal instruction I had received. I was beginning to form my own perception of music. My freshman year, I started writing original songs. From that point onward, I played any way and anywhere I could. On top of being in my school’s Wind Symphony and jazz ensemble, I also started my own cover band called Slightly Unprofessional.

Sometime after I graduated, I met Adam Oliver (Founder of Square Music Company). I eventually started working at Square Music Co in Macomb, IL, teaching lessons for the store including: guitar, piano, saxophone, ukulele, and songwriting. During these years I also became one of the founding members of Concrete Monster, taking on the role of lead vocalist and lyricist.

Eventually it came time for me to leave my hometown. At this point I moved to Iowa where I continued to pursue solo gigs as well as taking an instruction position at Guitar Center. During the pandemic, my wife and I decided to relocate to Colorado where I continue my musical endeavors.

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