Dan Eilers, Guitar Instructor

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Dan Eilers is a professional music instructor located in our Macomb, IL Square Music Co location.

Dan Eilers has over 30 years of experience with guitar instruction for all age groups and experience levels.

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“I learned guitar from and I’m happy to highly recommend Dan Eilers as a guitar teacher. Anyone in the Macomb, IL area who needs guitar lessons would be in great hands with him. Dan is an excellent teacher and really fosters a love for the instrument – pass it along.”

– Dan Reem

“Dan Eilers is the perfect guitar teacher for the adult/mature student. He listened to my goals and tailored his approach to help me achieve those goals. I heartily recommend Dan as a guitar instructor.”

– Walter Burnett, Macomb Public Works Director (retired)

“I was playing guitar as a teenager, like so many of us who taught ourselves a few chords from folk song books, etc. But when I first heard Dan Eilers perform, I knew immediately there was so much more to the guitar I didn’t know and needed to learn. I started lessons with him, and he really opened up the whole fret board to me, from folk style finger picking patterns to jazz and blues chords and scales and more. That was so many years ago, and I’ve had a lifetime of enjoyment with the guitar thanks to Dan’s clear and patient teaching style. It was always easy-going, fun, and productive. He quickly got me going places on the guitar I didn’t know I was capable of. I would recommend him to anyone, from rank beginner to intermediate and even the advanced player. There is always plenty you can learn from him, and you’ll have a great time doing it.”

– Terrence Krehbiel

Dan Eilers – Performer – Acoustic Country and Blues

Dan Eilers is a unique blend of rural Mississippi Valley life in 21st-century travel dance tunes reflect a collage of experiences and perceptions framed within the tradition of American folk music. Every one of Dan’s performances treat the listener to some classic country, some well loved covers, folk, and blues representative of Dan’s classic sense of humor and irony!


“Dan Eilers brings a lively mix of originals, and classic folk and pop tunes to the stage with enthusiasm and musicianship that is sure to please an audience. He makes well-known songs from folks like John Prine and Johnny Cash shine like a new penny and presents fine original tunes in an easy and relaxed style. The audience at Hickory Ridge Concert Series loved him! A natural, unaffected hit!”
– Chris Vallillo, Hickory Ridge Concert Series, Dixon, IL

“Dan Eilers is a totally satisfying guitarist. Mississippi John Hurt, were the man able to show up at the Washington Club tonight, would likely nod his head and say, Yeah, that man can play, boy, than man can play.”
– Bob Saar, Hawkeye Newspaper CD Review – Burlington, IA

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