Introducing Colorado Springs Square Music Co

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Square Music Company is proud to be introducing our newest store in Colorado Springs, CO. Located at 2332 Vickers Drive.

We’re excited to be introducing Colorado Springs Square Music Co! Our music instruction director and music therapy director are located here and are putting together plans for supporting our community at all of our locations whether it be in store or online.

Introducing Colorado Springs, you can expect the same products and brands along with service, skate, and consumer and lifestyle products.

Introducing Heather Johnson:
Heather Johnson is a certified music therapist who is our Music Therapy Director and is a WIU alumni. Heather provides direction for all of our locations and is available for in person sessions and groups in The Springs as well as online.

Get Started with music therapy

Introducing Lukas Keil:
Lukas Keil is our Music Instruction Director and is a WIU alumni who provides direction and coordination for all of our locations and is available for in person instruction and classes in The Springs as well as online.


Introducing Cordell Johnson:
Cordell Johnson is our operations coordinator. Cordell executes all of our multi-store and multi-discipline operations.

The story so far…

“In March of 2021, it came to my attention that Lukas (Lukas Keil), our music instructor in Macomb, IL was going to be moving to Colorado Springs upon completion of his masters program at WIU (Western Illinois University). We had just had a successful launch of our first expansion into Quincy, IL with Pete Magliocco in December of 2020. We knew Cordell and Heather lived in The Springs. Cordell had worked at the store for several years with me and we even have a band together (Concrete Monster). Heather is a recent graduate from WIU in Music Therapy and is a certified music therapist. Seemed like an opportunity, so I pitched the idea. The response was positive from all parties, and we started working on a plan and schedule. Legal connections were set up and and tax and bank accounts were finalized. Cordell worked with a realtor and secured a sweet location in June and we got the keys in July. The team started gathering fixtures and getting the store ready while we got inventory shipped to the store in August. We opened for a week in September and then closed for a week to celebrate the wedding of Heather and Cordell in Macomb, IL! Great time! We’re officially open now in Colorado Springs! Not that we didn’t have hurdles to overcome, but I couldn’t be more proud of this team for staying focused, positive and doing what had to be done. Stay tuned, this team is going to deliver great things.” – Adam Oliver (Founder)

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