Music Therapy Monday 012422 with Heather Johnson MT-BC

music therapy monday 1920 02

Greetings music friends and welcome back to another Music Therapy Monday 012422!

We want to share there is still room in our My Baby and Me! group that meets Saturdays at 2pm led by our board certified music therapist, Heather!

One of our goals with this group is to promote voice and language development with your little one.

Did you know?

Singing has shown to be an excellent exercise for the mouth, including tongue and lips, and with age group helps development the use of the vocal folds (their voice!). It also promotes learning various aspects of language such as vocabulary, syntax, and receptive language. (Paquette & Rieg 2008) All of which is imperative within this age group!

Reach out to Heather if this sounds like something you and your baby would benefit from! All inquiries include 1 FREE consultation! Don’t forget, up to 2 adults can join your child (up to age 2)!

We hope you’re continuing to soak up the New Year goodness and we’ll see you next week!

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