Music Therapy Monday 013122 with Heather Johnson MT-BC

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Hello again music friends we’re back for another Music Therapy Monday 013122! As this month is coming to a close, we’re entering our February Parkinson’s events!

NEXT WEEKEND! For our Colorado friends the monthly Parkinson’s support meeting is next Saturday! Our music therapist, Heather, leads a singing group at 9:30am and the meeting starts at 10am followed by a hot meal! This all takes place at the First United Methodist Church on Nevada Ave. Joining this group is also FREE and the foundation strives to bring services and support to anyone living with Parkinson’s and their family/caregivers.

The singing group before the meeting is just a sample to Square Music Company’s Parkinson’s groups and services!Don’t forget we have two group offerings for our Parkinson’s Sing-a-Long! We focus on exercising our vocal folds, throat and mouth muscles, as well as voice quality, volume, and breath control. This takes place weekly for one hour. You can participate in person on Monday’s at 1pm at our store, 2332 Vickers Drive here in Colorado Springs, or virtually via Zoom on Wednesday’s at 1pm. (All times shown in Mountain Time Zone).

For a more tailored experience and expanded goal areas, we also offer individual music therapy sessions! If this sounds right to you contact us for a FREE consultation!

Reach out to Heather at 719-345-2887 or email to sign up or learn more!

Enjoy this snowy week and we’ll see you next time!

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