Music Therapy Monday 091321 with Heather Johnson MT-BC

music therapy monday 091321 01

Happy Music Therapy Monday 091321! This week we are back answering one of our most asked questions, “What is Music Therapy?” Here we go! WHAT IS MUSIC THERAPY?

Music therapy is an evidenced based practice that includes the use of specialized music interventions implemented by a music therapist to work towards all types of therapeutic goals! Depending on each persons needs, some examples of these therapeutic goals include improving communication, sensory processing, emotional processing or well-being, working towards physical goals, academic tasks, cognitive goals, social goals, or spiritual well-being with all ages or diagnoses!

Contact Heather to learn more about music therapy with Square Music Co! We offer in-store, in-home, and telehealth for individuals! Group announcements are coming soon!

Thanks for tuning in on this Music Therapy Monday! Have an incredible week and we’ll see you next time!

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