Music Therapy Monday 092021 with Heather Johnson MT-BC

music therapy monday 092021 01

Welcome to another Music Therapy Monday 092021! Today we are sharing some fun facts about singing with Parkinson’s disease and announcing our first group! The Colorado Springs location is ecstatic to declare we are hosting “Parkinson’s Sing-a-Long” with our music therapist, Heather Johnson, MT-BC!

Did you know?

Studies have indicated singing helps with breath control, voice quality, voice control, voice volume, and improve symptoms of monotonous speech in people living with Parkinson’s! Furthermore, singing helps strengthen the muscles around the throat that aid in swallowing and breathing. (Gilbert 2019)

Participating in a group like this also provides a great way to make connections, socialize, and support others with similar experiences! Starting November 1st, we will meet every Monday at 1pm for “Parkinson’s Sing-a-Long” at 2332 Vickers Drive in Colorado Springs! No music experience needed! Contact Heather at 719-345-2887 to learn more about pricing or to sign up.

Thanks for joining us on this lovely Music Therapy Monday and we’ll see you next time!

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