Music Therapy Monday 101121 with Heather Johnson MT-BC

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Happy Music Therapy Monday 101121! Today we’re sharing a recent headline involving music and Alzheimer’s. Grab your tissues for this one!

While this story is not an example of music therapy, it shows how powerful music is and it’s effects on the brain.

On his 95th birthday, beloved singer Tony Bennett continued a collaboration with Lady Gaga and performed at Radio City Music Hall. Check out this segment on 60 Minutes as they capture what it was like to prepare for and sing with Bennett in his later stage of Alzheimer’s disease. Very touching testimonial from his family and Lady Gaga, and amazing to watch his personality come back once he hits the stage!

“When that music comes on something happens to him. He knows exactly what he’s doing and what’s important for me, actually, is to make sure that I don’t get in the way of that.” -Lady Gaga

“But on the day of the performance, Bennett surprised Lady Gaga in a sentimental moment. Bennett introducing Lady Gaga by her name when she appeared onstage. “That’s the first time that Tony said my name in a long time. I had to keep it together because we had a sold-out show and I have a job to do. But I’ll tell you when I walked out on that stage and he said, ‘It’s Lady Gaga,’ my friend saw me. It was very special.’

”Music therapy with Alzheimer’s can be a great way to maintain quality of life, reach memories, and actually increases cognitive function – ultimately slowing down deterioration and memory loss. Reach out to us if you feel a service like this would be beneficial to you or a loved one experiencing Alzheimer’s disease.

Thanks for joining us this Music Therapy Monday, and we hope you were just as touched as we were. Have an incredible week and we’ll see you next time!

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