Music Therapy Monday 102521 with Heather Johnson MT-BC

music therapy monday 1920 01

Hello friends! Happy Music Therapy Monday 102521, and a happy spooky week! With this week leading up to Halloween we thought we’d share a Halloween dance, and show you a glimpse of what it looks like in a music therapy session!

Let’s face it – kids. love. technology! As a music therapist I often ask myself, how can I incorporate technology without losing our awesome interaction together? Something like pulling this is up on YouTube is my favorite answer! A lot of fun has been had this month with this one! Song/dance videos like this Halloween Freeze Dance gives me the opportunity to put my guitar down and participate with them, or provide any physical assistance that is needed to complete each action! Depending on each child’s goals, a music therapist can facilitate working on not just fine and gross motor skills, but also following directions, positive social interaction with others, hand-eye coordination, sensory processing, cognitive skills, and more. While of course, having fun!

Individual music therapy is available at all locations. For more information about an opportunity like this for your child check out our website or email!

Thanks for checking out the Halloween Freeze Dance and joining us for another Music Therapy Monday! Have a fun and safe Halloween and we’ll see you next Monday!

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