Music Therapy Monday 112221 with Heather Johnson MT-BC

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Hooray for Music Therapy Monday 112221! We’re so excited to be here and get your Thanksgiving week started off right. Today we’re doing something a little different. Heather is going to lead us in little song writing activity! Join us as we express gratitude and thanks!

Song writing is a common intervention used in music therapy. Song writing not only is an effective way to express yourself, but also a springboard for therapeutic discussion with your music therapist! For our younger music therapy friends, it’s also a great way to work on language and communication skills, following directions, attention, and help develop other cognitive skills!

As always, reach out to us if this sounds like a good fit for you or your child in a more individualized, extensive experience!

Today Heather is showing you a piggyback song writing to “I love the Mountains”. The words are changed, and your prompts are as follows:

“I’m grateful for ___________ (Something you’re grateful for!)

I’m grateful for ___________ (Another thing you’re grateful for)

I’m grateful for ___________ (A person you’re grateful for)

I’m grateful for ___________ (An object you’re grateful for)

I’m ___________ for ______________ (Another word that means grateful; something outside you’re grateful for!)

This Thanksgiving year”

When you’re ready with all your blanks filled in feel free to sing your verse along with Heather! The first verse is hers and you can follow along and join in the second!

Feel free to comment down below or share a video of your new verse! We can’t wait to see what everyone shares and spread the thankfulness!

Thanks for joining us this week, we hoped you enjoyed our song writing experience and you keep spreading the gratitude! We’ll see you next Monday and have a fantastic Thanksgiving!!

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