Music Therapy Monday 112921 with Heather Johnson MT-BC

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Happy Music Therapy Monday 112921!! We hope everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving, we sure did and we’re ready for Christmas!! Today we’re discussing music therapy and neuroplasticity!

Let’s break it down, in an event someone unfortunately experiences a brain injury or other neuro event, various aspects of functioning and abilities might be impaired or lost. The ability lost depends on what part of their brain was affected. Neuroplasticity is the concept of the brain’s ability to grow or change overtime, this includes being able to create new neural pathways to a damaged area of the brain, allowing the person to access what was previously damaged and regain that ability.

Specific music therapy techniques, collectively known as Neurologic Music Therapy (NMT), have shown to be a highly effective component in neuroplasticity because music uses such a large portion of the brain! The following example is a news segment sharing Congresswoman Gabby Giffords’ experience with music therapy following a gunshot injury to her head (this clip is what actually inspired Heather to become a music therapist in high school! 😮) The NMT technique she is experiencing with her music therapist is called Melodic Intonation Therapy to help regain her speech!

NMT is great way to work towards communication, physical, or cognitive rehabilitation after a stroke or brain injury. Also for individuals with Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, Cerebral Palsy, and other neurological disorders. Reach out to Heather if this is a service that can benefit you or a loved one, we’d love to help!

Thanks for watching and reading, we hoped you learned a little bit more about how music effects the brain, as Heather often says, “Yay brains!” Have a great week and see you next time!

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