Music Therapy Monday 122721 with Heather Johnson MT-BC

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Hi Music Friends! Happy Music Therapy Monday 122721! We hope you had a fantastic holiday this weekend! Today we’re sharing with you a songwriting activity that was well enjoyed by many clients last week!

Leading up to Christmas we of course did a Christmas classic – Jingle Bells! There were a few ways this one was executed

1) A Mad Lib Song – our music therapy friends did not see what song or lyrics beforehand, and they went through a list asking them to identify different parts of speech, or things like animals and colors. Once the list was completed Heather brought the sheet out and together filled in the blanks and sang their Mad Lib Song!

2) A variation to the Mad Lib style – having the lyric sheet out with blanks. This was to work on memory recall of the original lyrics, figuring out the word type, and then prompting to think of a different example of that word type.

3) Memory recall – prompting to fill in the blanks or sing the original lyrics at the correct time.

4) Emotional expression and song discussion – for those who are not a fan of the holidays! We had phrases like “Stinky Bells, I don’t like you Bells”. We used this as a way to express some of those feelings through song writing and instrument play, as well as a springboard for our song discussion on the topic.

Therapeutic goals addressed included language, memory, various academic skills, emotional expression, with secondary goals being following directions and attention to task (this was a long activity for some of our littles!) – and of course having fun through music! I also wanted to list the different uses to show the skill a therapist has to modify interventions to fit the needs of the client – often times in the moment! That is one of the reasons to insure services a provided through a board-certified music therapist.

Does addressing therapeutic goals with things like this sound like a good fit for you or your child? Check out our website or reach out to Heather to learn more! Square Music Company offers in-store, in-home, or telehealth music therapy services!

Thanks for joining us today, and we’ll see you next week. Have a fun and safe New Years weekend!

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