Our first Music Therapy Monday with Heather Johnson MT-BC

heather johnson mt bc music therapy monday 01

With our newest location opening recently, Square Music Co is now introducing Music Therapy Monday!

Catch us every Monday as we share news, information, and fun facts about music therapy and our new music therapy program!

For our first Music Therapy Monday, we’re introducing Square Music Co’s Music Therapy Director and the music therapist for our Colorado Springs location, Heather E Johnson, MT-BC!

Heather is a recent and proud graduate of Western Illinois University’s Music Therapy Program and is excited to be in the Colorado Springs area providing music therapy services as a board-certified music therapist and serving as the Music Therapy Director for Square Music Co! She has experience with Autism Spectrum Disorder, Stroke, Traumatic Brain Injury, intellectual disability, developmental disability, Dementia/Alzheimer’s, medical settings, and hospice of all ages! Heather has a person-first therapeutic philosophy and strives to help work towards each person’s goals and what they need in the moment through the therapeutic relationship and music experiences that the individual enjoys. In her free time, Heather likes to roller blade, play games, and spend time with her friends and husband!

For more information or questions about music therapy with Square Music Co., schedule a free consultation by calling or texting Heather at our music therapy line (719) 345-2887 or email heather@squaremusic.co!

Have a FANTASTIC week and join us next Music Therapy Monday as we answer one of the hottest questions, WHAT IS MUSIC THERAPY?

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